Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I folded The Sphinx

Okay I didn't get much done today. After staying up all night on Far Chatters to promote my work, I got to little sleep, did yet more work on the new webpages and then had to go to a quiz night at a local pub, helping to raise money for Thylacon, the Australian National SF convention that I'll be attending in June.

Afterwards, dana and I typed a few edits into a story called The Tree, which is part of my anthology A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation, which we're editing for print. Then I decided I needed to unwind. I found a number of origami diagrams online, and started downloading. I downloaded 52 files, including instructions on how to make an origami chess set and also, instructions on how to make The Sphinx.

It's pretty complex, at least for me. I didn't expect to be able to complete it the first time out but complete it I did. Soon as I figure out how to put pictures on this damned blog, I'm going to take a pic of it and show the world. It's not perfect, but I'm very proud of my Sphinx.

I guess I'd better get the editing done first tomorrow, before I start playing.

If anyone is interested in some of my older origami, check out the webpage link above. I've actually done more complex origami than this, but don't have pictures at this time.


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