Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Okay I'm Back!

Well, Planet Ds Tier Three Cluster Three is finally done. Just waiting for dana to edit and lay it out. I've been soooo backed up, I'm so far behind, it's just shameful.

I haven't started working on Scorch 2 again, I haven't done lots of what I'm supposed to be doing. In my defense, I am judging the Dream Realm Awards this year (the first round of which I've finished judging) and I am participating heavily in Thylacon, this years National Australian Science Fiction convention, which is being held right here in Hobart, Tasmania. How cool is that?

Though I'm on quite a few panels, my biggest reponsibility is a parody of the ABC (that's the Australian Broadcasting Company, not the ABC most Americans would recognize) tv series, the Glass House. So this friday night, I'll be hosting the Green House; a news-panel-comedy discussion of Australian current events in the year 2050. To tell you the truth, I'm nervous as hell. I mean...while I've scripted part of it, it's a panel show, and I have no idea how funny or quick-witted the panelists will be, not even myself. It's a lot of pressure. I can't wait until it's done, so I can enjoy the rest of the con.

One of the guests is Rob Valentine, the Lord Mayor of Hobart. It should be interesting. I'm interested in seeing if I make a fool of myself or not. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I did get Planet Ds edited and now it's in dana's hands. I'd really REALLY like to ship it before the con.

Oh! Another thing that's been taking my time up is Novelspot. If you haven't been there click on the link above...www.novelspot.net, a new book review site. Yes, I'm there, helping to run things. So my time has been spent training reviewers, editing and making policy. I should be writing. I have to get back to writing afer the con, but when you see the site, you'll understand why I'm so enthused over the project and why I allow it to take up so much of my time.

Does this blog post sound like an excuse as to why I'm not writing. It probably is. When I'm not working on my writing, I feel like I'm playing hookey. Okay, maybe I am, but I do have other projects, two of which will be over soon. Then, finally, I can get back to Earth Scorched.

Wish me luck!